Forum Feedback Thread!

It’s nice to hear that… I love mine too but that doesn’t prevent me from critiquing them or complaining when I think we’re being shortchanged either on service or value


My, what big Fonts you have Grandma…

All the better to eat you with Little Red…

Sorry, I’m in a weird place today, struck me as funny when the mod uses a big stick on the unruly

Well, if the uniform still fits…

I guess that THIS is a current theme on most of the threads.

Bigger picture question that I often ponder,

What do the Factories view as the purpose and goal of their forum?

Are they to support their users, are they an effective tool to solve issue?

Do they provide an offload of the costs to staff a support team?

Are they simply a social component of the collective userbase to provide a vent for the expression of opinions?

Do they allow PR to propagate without the need for a formal factory response?

I honestly go back and forth, and often I find my take varies with the factory involved, the state of the union at the factory at that time, etc. Then I see the unexpected impacts of third party shifts to many factories and their user bases by key change in the industry such as being seen right now with IFTTT and the downstream impacts.

I’d venture that there is no clear answer, and I’ve probably missed half the intents…,

Loki forgets his meds now and again… Be gentle with him

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Yep, I forget to use my inside voice too…

Social engineering is a fascinating area, less a science due to the law of unintended consequences, but principles and patterns still emerge and certainly repeat.

Well, quite the ‘Orator’ aren’t you…

I believe that any forum (published and supported) has a two way functionality, #1 would benefit ‘Factory’ by allowing a universal platform on which to post new product arrivals, intended development projects and universal product problem solutions. it will also open a usable conduit for idea exchanges and suggested changes. #2. The forum needs activity to survive and thus it needs input from the user base, such as new product suggestions, user defined fixes for problems, areas where the Factory needs to improve as viewed from customers viewpoint.
If the Factory has a non functional support team then the forum can act as a support conduit although, a dedicated and responsive Support team is the best solution for all involved.

I’m outta air for now.

Concur with that take, and I am certainly no Orator, but just a user with the ability to attempt to reconcile my beliefs and core approaches based on my real world experience.

I long ago accepted that I do not know what I don’t know, in that there are not just known knowns and known unknowns, but I must deal with the impacts of the unknown unknowns which are a favorite of Darwin or Murphy.

This has served me well or in-well TBD, regardless, respect the unknowns and do not ignore new knowns as they reveal themselves but adjust my approach by incorporation and adaption.

I’m stuck… On one side ‘Knowns’ on the other ‘Unknowns’…yeep😬

It’s the unknowns you don’t know you don’t know that always bite you right in the Keester and make you jump.

Unknown unknowns resulted in everything from minor inconvenience to systemic implosion.

They can change the fundamentals of existing systems at a core level, leaving former giants in their sectors as relics, cautionary tails, and mere case studies in MBA programs.

How many of the gen Z sector like the new Netscape browser they just released?

General Electric had great plans to eliminate the nations energy demands with ubiquitous adoption of the nuclear generating plants.

Chernobyl was an unexpected event in the west, it was a known left ignored by the Soviets (apologies to anyone knowledgeable in the field, my understanding is only based on case study and not field investigation).

Disruptors can effect massive and sweeping change, but nimble adopters can emerge as new sector leaders, likewise you invite disaster by denial, even if due to ignorance let alone hubris. (Think GM downplaying Tesla’s entree to the automotive industry, or Amazon being dismissed by analysts as a minor irritant to the retail sector)

I have always expected a disruptor to emerge in the Smart industry, I don’t see one emerged as yet, but by definition, I would not.

True, disrupters are typically only readily apparent in hindsight. And the word is over used and misapplied as well.

Yes, don’t like to throw it around, but after personally experience what a disruptor called Amazon can do to an industry, I give them a healthy amount of respect.

I sold my Systems Integration house five years ago as Amazon had just negotiated their first major controls product “distribution” agreement, and it looked like a great time to exit stage right before it impacted the valuations of the industry.

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I thought so !!!

I’m in a “my brain is damn tired yet it wants to chase rabbits down any hole it finds mode” thanks for interpreting my mumblings, You, sir, are a gentleman!

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Likewise I’m sure

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Well, golly sir, now you went and embarrassed me…

No, honestly, I appreciate it, I most definitely have the propensity to verbally describe everything and not necessarily highlight the actual info pertinent to solving the issue.

It goes to my wishing to make sure I’m not making assumptions on recipient background and wanting to explain the environment around the issue.

Have to cut to chase when i do that and then if I expound, its after I solve.

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