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I could not figure out how to create a new post. Even when I was on the screen that led me here, I could not figure it out. The reason was is because all over your site you call it a Post, but the button is labeled New Topic. Please change the wording of that button

The software platform for this forum is “Discourse”. The nomenclature/terminology used on this forum is defined by Discourse. It’s extremely unlikely that the wording of the button will change.


Hi there. So after a couple of months of fiddling with my door sensors, I think I have found the problem, or problems, rather. They continued to go offline, turning off the power got them back on for a while, but next morning offline again. Device info showed and still shows signal strength as good and battery level as normal. So I finally took the sensors down and tested the battery voltage, and found that they have barely 0.4 volts left when they should be 3 volts. They point is that the device info in the app always showed battery level as normal, and I trusted it. In short, the battery level function does not report accurate information, and it only caused more confusion because it reported it as normal. If the function cannot be accurate, it would be better if it was removed altogether. Thank you.

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Never mind what?

Never Mind !



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Sorry to hear this! I’ll share it with the team. Any chance you sent in a log and have that log number handy?

I had not sent a log, but I just did. I’d number 49792. Same problem with both my front and rear door sensors. Thanks. Steve.

Soooo does anyone know when Cam Plus will be available for outdoor? :smiley:

Hello @meaghanperceful and welcome to the community.

I know Cam Plus is coming for the WCO (Wyze Cam Outdoor) but they have not given a firm date yet


Further to my previous comment regarding offline sensors, I am happy to report that this morning the replacement batteries I ordered arrived, and as soon as I put them in, both my sensors started working again, right as rain. Now, to be clear, I still think there is a problem with the app not properly reporting the battery condition, that is to say, always reporting “Normal”. I guess I will have to wait until these new batteries run down to see if that problem persists. Thank you.


I like my cameras but I don’t think the left hand of the company knows what the right hand is doing. Received an e-mail saying that I missed the sign up period for the person detection feature (which I did), so I went to the sign up page and it said I was already signed up. Technology screw ups happening everywhere these days. Must be rocket science. Really like the cameras!