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yeah, tracking beta bugs looks very fragmented right now. Having one location to provide release notes, test cases and bug tracking would be ideal.


I agree about it being fragmented. I see nothing wrong with requiring for those who want to participate in beta to be members of a single interaction place. And that place should be the forum, not Facebook. (tagging @WyzeGwendolyn for her thoughts)

Re tags in the beta section… @WyzeMark… I think we can make selection of certain tags required to make a post, not just optional. That might make sense for version/OS in the beta section.


Oh yeah I agree with all that .
And that place should be the forum, not Facebook.*
My 2 cents ]

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Mark actually covered what I would say. :slight_smile:


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I feel like this is the beginning of a fractal.


Missing category , troubleshooting .
I know there is troubleshooting information on The support page , but
you need that category here On the forum also .
It appears to me that a lot of people are unaware of The support page


This has not changed since I posted


We could make a post about troubleshooting but we’re trying to emphasize the community focus here. We didn’t have enough resources to help with troubleshooting in the previous forum and this led to people understandably expecting us to be present and helping and having a negative experience. That’s why we renamed one of the categories to Ask the Community. This is the description for that area:

Our community is brimming with awesome, intelligent people that would love to help you with project ideas or Wyze issues that you’re running into. This is a lightly moderated area and you’ll hear back from community members almost exclusively. If you want to speak with a Wyze Wizard about trouble you’ve been having with a Wyze product, please contact us by filling out this form.

Would a pinned thread that leads people over to the support site fulfill your goal?


I think creating another category will duplicate what’s on the support page. What we can do is continue to put a link on posts that point them to the right support section so we can educate customers that those resource exist.


Well, maybe A troubleshooting category is not such a good idea then .
A pinned thread that leads people over to the support site would be good


I can make that in a bit. :slight_smile:


So just found this forum - been following you on Facebook for a while. (I’m the guy that gave new puppy owners a cam). Anyhow, I have a tiny suggestion for the forum rules -

  • Ad hominem attacks ==> - “Ad hominem” attacks (Personal attacks on the author of a posting)
    Or something like that … it’s just that, even though I (think) I’m pretty smart, I always have to look up “ad hominem”

Alec in RI


Hey, Alec! I remember you! :smiley:

How are the new puppy owners doing? And thanks for the suggestion! I’ll go add that in now. :slight_smile:


They’re doing great… and being able to check in on their little girl when they’re away helps a lot!


Well… I really like the color scheme and typography


Wonderful! We’re happy to hear that the new family is getting along.


Thanks, Alec! We’re happy to hear it! :smiley:


A few minutes ago I wanted to change the status of a topic from Wafching to Normal. I was able to do so by visiting the topic in question, but where can I find the list of ALL threads I’m currently watching? I’ve looked in Settings and can’t seem to find it. Thanks.