Forum Feedback Thread!

No, sorry, there isn’t. However, you could hop over here and ask the developers of this forum platform to add such a feature.

Or… you could set up a Google Alert.. Set up your Google alert phrase like this: my key words

Google will email you when it finds it posted on this site. You need a Google account to use this feature.


That is a really cool trick, I had no clue about Google Alerts. Thank you for sharing!


Anyone else having issues uploading pictures through an Android phone? When I click the upload button, the box opens where I can either choose a photo or post a web link to a photo. However when I click the box to choose photo nothing happens. This is in desktop mode too, in mobile mode the upload button doesnt work at all for me.

All of my permissions are set to allowed

Firmware Version

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Are you referring to uploading pictures in the forum, or camera pictures in the Wyze app?

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I’m talking about uploading pictures to the forum.

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I ended up getting a pic to post, but I had to host it in photobucket and add the web link to do it. For some reason I still can’t upload directly from my phone.

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What kind of phone do you have I have an iPhone 8 plus and I’m able to upload directly to the site with the little arrow at the bottom

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+. I had the same phone 3 months ago, broke it, and had been using a spare iPhone 6+ I had lying around. I had no issues with my previous galaxy S9+ and my iPhone 6+. However, after fighting with geek squad for 3 months they finally replaced my phone. My new phone will not upload directly from the phone.

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I’ll fire up my S9+ and test upload for you here tomorrow afternoon (Tues, 28JAN2020). Which browser were you using on your S9+?

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