Forum Feedback Thread!



Oh I see, that’s better , but it doesn’t play


I did not mean that I always use incognito. Just mean that the normal chrome does not play, when switched to incognito ( supposedly without all cache ) , it still does not play.


Hi Mark,

Still there with Firefox 63.0.1.

Hope this screenshot helps.


I see it too on macOS Safari 12.0.1. Doesn’t seem to matter how wide or narrow I make the window.


If I compare both screens, than it looks related to ‘Roadmap’ in the forum.


Good catch, @alexm !! When I scan down the page, only the #roadmap category lines have the issue. Might be something to do with that category being the one that has Votes enabled. @WyzeMark


I really miss the old forum. This one is confusing and hard to navigate. Plus I no longer get notifications of posts like I used to. I’m doing the new user guide but not helping much. Maybe it’s just me.


Let’s see what we can do. :slight_smile:

Have you gone into your profile’s settings? I think that your notification settings may have been slightly altered in the transition so you may need to customize again.

Could you please tell me more about what is causing confusion and difficulty with the navigation?


No doubt there’s a bit of a learning curve. But once you get used to it, the feature set is so much better. And have you noticed, no more reCAPTCHAs. Yay!

As @WyzeGwendolyn said, we’re here to help.

If the @discbot tutorial isn’t helping, here’s a New User Guide in a more traditional format that might help:


I think I’m slowly getting it now. Slowly but getting better. For example, one thing that I find odd is that even though I had posted to this thread I still had to change my notification for this thread to watching just now. I thought it should have changed automatically. Thanks for the replies and help.


Might have to change that in your preferences, Notifications , I did

When I post in a topic, set that topic to


I did change the setting but I’m thinking it might have been after I posted to the thread. But I have another question. I tried to find a way to set up to receive new notifications for all threads on the forum but all I can find is to change each one individually. I know you’re thinking why would anyone want to do that!


Okay, I’m here to tell you that it’s gonna be pretty intense! But here’s the setting I think you’ll want to change. :slight_smile:


privacy policy has the wrong URL. When click on Privacy policy, it still points to “terms and conditions”.

[Moderator note: I moved this from Beta to the Forum Feedback thread and I’m tagging in @WyzeMark]

V2.0.6 beta app and beta firmware updated

Thanks for the heads up and for the info. I guess if it gets too intense I can always change it.
BTW I am liking the new forum now. Just had a little trouble getting used to it but once I really dove into it, it wasn’t bad at all.
Thanks for your help.


Looks great! Working under Linux (Debian), and Chrome. Also email alerts coming through fine…


This new forum is taking a little getting used to. What I am most upset about though is I would have expected an email to have been sent to all of the old forum participants when this new forum went live. I missed “opening day” by 3 days. :slightly_frowning_face:

Anyway, onward we go, through the fog.


@DadCooks sorry you missed out on the “opening day”, we have been rolling out the features to make sure things don’t break. There are still some ongoing fixes even after we rolled out but we will make sure to send out a newsletter for this announcement @WyzeScott


I really like Discourse forums! Without Wyze investing in a formal beta site like Betabound/Centercode, I have some feedback to the Beta section:

  1. Restrict the Beta category to only beta testers to eliminate category confusion. Could do the same for the Alpha program.
  2. add voting to Beta category posts. This way people can upvote a bug they are also experiencing instead of tracking the same bug in several different posts
  3. require tags for Beta posts to track OS and app version


Will look into how we can lock this. We want to keep it visible so that people can read through what’s going on. Right now the beta program + forum accounts are not integrated so this is tricky

I’m interested to see how this can be done quickly. Right now we have Facebook users and we don’t have critical mass here to make sure that the issues are surfaced correctly.

The tags are available in Ask the community, we can add that to beta.

Thanks for the feedback!