Forum Feedback Thread!


@cjwidener, I’ll add you into it! There was a link that you could click from an email we sent you that would give you access. It’s not just for us but we did put some of the Early Access posts from different areas in there. :slight_smile:


How do I send an email
[email removed for privacy] for Google home


You should not post any personal information here, such as your email Address .
You Should delete that now


@winonanash, Could you please clarify what you want to send an email about?


To use wyze with my Google home


See this:


Can we get a sub forum for Sense items when they are released? It will make it easier to find threads particular to Sense. Thanks.

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That would make sense. A wise move, :slightly_smiling_face:


I see what you did there!:rofl:

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Yes ,Should be a sub Forum For each product , cams, sense, bulb, max drive , etc


Yes… ctrl+f a second time brings up the browser’s find in page. I wouldn’t have guessed; maybe a hint in the pop-up window that intercepted the ctrl+f would be useful. It was a tad surprising when I ran into it trying to find “v2” on the page and the search window said that was too small of a search argument. :roll_eyes:

Kudos for having a forum feedback thread though!


Under the “hamburger” menu (3 stacked horizontal lines in upper right corner) there’s a list of keyboard shortcuts.


Thank you. Yes, I ended up doing the extra clicking of the browser menu ( “…” in Windows) to do a “find in page.”

The Keyboard shortcut (ctrl+f) was what I had originally done which got intercepted by the forum thread search feature,


hey @WyzeGwendolyn being a forum feedback thread, I didn’t see it anywhere on here but is Wyze aware that certain browsers don’t allow users to view video on the site?

I think I had an issue uploading a video on Firefox and only after deleting and reposting it about 4 times did I switch browsers and realize it had been a good post all along and wasn’t working with the browser I was using.

here is a screen cap of someone else who experienced this issue. I just wanted to make it known in some way.

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Thanks for letting me know! I’m going to tag @WyzeBrandon here so he can look into it further.

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My motion sensor is constantly losing connection with the bridge. It’s not that far away from the bridge. Once I pick it, it flashes fives times. Help!


This sounds like a good thing to contact customer support about. Sorry to hear about your Wyze Sense trouble! Here’s the form for getting in contact with us:

Submit a request – Wyze


I’m loving the cameras so far. I’m unsure if this was mentioned previously, but a feature request would be the ability to see via an indicator in local SD card playback when a motion was detected (through the playback timeline). It would save some time when going through the continuously recorded footage. Thanks!


Or a button when you are viewing “continuous” to jump to the next event.


I would specifically like the feature voting system to be handled through the app.

You’re building a really cool integrated service there with the store, etc. It’s a shame we have to come to the website to get involved in the community.