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OR if you use Google you can try the Google search with the form:
**key word" site:url of site"

“mount outdoor cam” site:

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So you have to get into a topic to see the search? I wanted to search everything to see if my question was already out there. I don’t want to search every single topic…

Thanks. That is a good option.

It works for many sites and then you can use Google to sort the results into time classes.
Past hour
Past 24 hours
Past week
Past month
Past year
Custom range

Yeah, thanks. Good to know!

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What is it you want to do? If you tell us your end game we may be able to offer up suggestions


There’s one in every crowd…:monkey: Good advice though

Wyze adjusted some things such as adding other product categories so this got delayed but it’s in the works! I’m adjusting the doc for review and then we’ll be making progress on it again. :slight_smile:


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I would like to see a do not disturb featue.

I use the discourse app and don’t want to receive push notifications during a specific period of time.

I noticed that this site uses discourse, which recently added a do not disturb featue in their December release.

Since the function is already built in, I think all that needs to be done is to just enable the do not disturb feature option.

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Per your request, Discourse will be pushing the DND feature to the Wyze Forum site sometime next week (next update cycle). Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


That’s great news, When are you guys brining Dark Mode into the Wyze App (IoS, Android)? It seems like an easy request.

This is currently in the “researching” phase. Take a look at the #wishlist item for it:

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This has now been deployed to the Wyze forum. Click your avatar, then the person icon and you will see the DND option.

In case anyone’s not sure what that means: How to Use the Wishlist


That’s great!! Thanks.