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Just select not phone specific

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I could not figure out how to create a new post. Even when I was on the screen that led me here, I could not figure it out. The reason was is because all over your site you call it a Post, but the button is labeled New Topic. Please change the wording of that button

The software platform for this forum is “Discourse”. The nomenclature/terminology used on this forum is defined by Discourse. It’s extremely unlikely that the wording of the button will change.


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I haven’t read the 589 posts in this topic, so maybe this has already been mentioned? With that said, it would be nice if the forum was more organized.

How about a separate section for each product? So if I click on community | ask the community it would be nice to see additional sub sections, one for each product. This way things are nice and organized based on the product and we are not searching though threads that have absolutely nothing to do with the product we have questions or input on. Or you could skin the cat the other way. List the products first then ask the community, tips and tricks, etc…

In my opinion, something needs to be done to organize things better as this forum is becoming quite the mess.

When I first joined I felt the same way. However over time I have gotten to feel comfortable with the existing organization. Not sure there is a “right” answer or way but I doubt whatever organizational method is used will satisfy everyone.

Fair enough, but do you really think 2 categories relating to Q&A for the entire WYZE product line are enough? The two being, ‘Ask the Community’ and ‘Tips and Tricks’.

The longer it stays this way the more posts the site will contain in those two very general categories. Anyone that knows anything about databases knows this configuration is asking for problems. I sure hope the search function is powerful and the back-end can handle the way it is currently setup, not just today but years down the road. Correct it now while you still can before it gets out of hand and becomes a much bigger problem.

Just my $0.02…take it for what it’s worth.

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Since you can create a thread for literally anything you want in either section then yes it’s probably enough. But I do understand your point. I don’t know what’s best in the long haul. Time will tell I imagine.

They are ‘Baskets’, catchalls if you will. I’ve seen better organized topics in grade school.


They are, but I honestly can’t think of any other IoT forum that’s better organized. Simple seems to work best for this audience. Eufy at one point had a very organized forum and ended up simplifying it after they realized it was confusing a large percentage of their users.

I’m just bi$%^ing… Maybe too many Carbs today

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We are actually working on a redesign including product headings. When the forum was smaller and we had fewer products, it was less of an issue. I actually started that initiative around a year ago and then COVID-19 put the brakes on. I’m working with other areas of the company that are also working on product headings so that we have consistency across the company. :slight_smile:


There you go! Ask and ye shall receive! Now we will see the other group start to complain. :wink:

This is great news and should cut down on the number of posts/threads regarding the exact same thing. We all know most people don’t use search, particularly when having to search a “catch all”.

Rock on and stay WYZE!

I love my current Wyze products,