Forum Categories by product with sub categories

Wyze you are growing your product line extremely fast .
This forum is getting very large and is not organized . What a mess it is getting. Not sure where to post . I just post where ever the subject is started …
We need categorizes by product ( Cameras , V2 , PAN, Sense Contact, Sense PIR, Wyze Bulbs, and Wyze Outdoor Camera and etc ???.. )
Under each category should be sub categories like ( Community Tech Help, Setup- Beginners, Tips and Tricks, Knowledge ( AKA FAQs, A real Bug tracking matrix and other Wyze Publish Knowledge) ,
and General Conversation .
Each Product category should also have a sub category for Features , Firmware, and Wishlist
Also need Forum Moderators that can move posts to the appropriate category or sub category when needed.
Would be nice to have the search engine to have filters by category and sub category …

I definitely agree with this, it would help keep it a bit more organized

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I have voted

We’re discussing a revamp now though it may go off of main product headings (cameras, power and lighting, etc.) instead of individual products. Thanks for the suggestion and we definitely hear you!

We do have mods moving topics as needed. :slight_smile:


Me too

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The need for this is increasing daily

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Yes, I have noticed how chaotic all the topics have been duplicated and placed in the wrong threads or new users are just totally confused and don’t know where to start.

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Yes it is, would also make it much easier when helping people


Once it’s all set up I think Moderators would like it , It would make their jobs easier

Moderating gets much easier, I used to moderate on a different website many years ago and we had moderators who would concentrate on certain sections

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I would like to make the case for organizing by products. I do not have a pan cam, so I would not be interested in posts about them, and I have no knowledge about them that I could share.

The problem with sub-categories down to that level is that it would get pretty deep into levels. We are also considering using mandatory tags that could be used to easily filter by product. What do you think of that?

It sounds like you have already given it a lot of thought and planning.

Well, Whatever you all come up with , but I think Some kind of sub categories are needed

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Not really. It’s in the early stages. We are just playing with some options behind the scenes. Looking for thoughts and input.

I dont think you would have to go very deep with sub-categories, you could have a category for cameras for instance with sub categories for v1, v2 and pan.


It’s becoming a mess trying to find something on one of your products, when everything is jumbled together. Time for you to separate it out, is loss out on people taking part.