Formatting SD card in 2 V3 and one outdoor camera (more of each to follow shortly

Here’s what I am doing, what am I doing wrong??
Open WYZE app
Select a V3 camera
Press gear (Settings)
Select Advanced Settings
Select Manage MicroSD Card
Showing 14.13 of 14.82G
Verify I want to format SD card
After 22 seconds it finishes, there is no change in properties.

What am I doing wrong??
The same problem with the other V3 and the outdoor cam

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Your steps are correct. I just followed your steps to format one of my cards in a V3 and it worked perfectly.
However, why are you wanting to shorten the life of your card by formatting it - unless there is a real need to?

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After those steps.
Hit restart.

Hi @Larry.bhc and welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:
Agree with @K6CCC formatting the card will reduce life of card.

When the uSD card is used in Wyze cam it will overwrite the oldest recording. If there is a bad cell and the camera attempts to write there it may freeze up. In that case you may need to do a low level format to mask out bad cells. Eventually you won’t be able to write to the card at all.

Should not need to Restart ( I didn’t when I tested last night ).

I haven’t had to do it in awhile, but I just tested one of my 128GB cards in a wyze cam v2 Yep, had to Restart.

On my wyze 32GB card wyze cam v2 that I just tested.
No, didn’t have to Restart.

That’s interesting. I just tried card formats on several different cameras and never had to restart the camera after the uSD card format. All of mine have 64 GB uSD cards installed. I wonder if that relates to the reason. The cameras I have tried are:
V2 with firmware
V2 with RTSP firmware
Pan with RTSP firmware
V3 with

Not that it should make a difference, but I was using my Android with v2.23.21

I appreciate all the information, I had not realized it would overwrote the oldest data and keep on going.


V2 with firmware
128 GB uSD card…Restart
32 GB uSD card…No Restart

V3 with
32 GB uSD card…No Restart

BlueStacks Android with v2.23.21


If you’re expecting to ever see 14.82 of 14.82 available, you won’t.

100% correct
I “thought” I had seen the SD card had to be cleared. Obviously, I need a better Scotch. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face: