Forgotten Sensors (dead batteries)

I got my last two replacements just before the V2s were actually available to order (outside of the early release).

I imagine they were just waiting for that point to stop offering replacements. Or it could be that their stock of the v1s has actually depleted at this point.

I wish they would do that replacement as well but I think they’d see it as cost prohibitive, especially since everyone would need the new hub which they’ve so far only made available with the Home Monitoring Service.

I plan to just use these until they’re eventually dead if I can’t catch the battery replacement in time, but I’ve started moving over to Homekit stuff for anything new I buy anyway.

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that’s super helpful to know.

though, if the v1’s are officially unavailable, it seems pretty clear that under their warranty they should be sending out v2’s

or am I somehow misreading “Defective products will be replaced with a new model, a refurbished model of equal value or, if both are unavailable, the model nearest to the original model’s form, functionality, and performance.”

Are yours less than a year after you purchased them new?

I still doubt you’d be able to convince them but you’d perhaps at least have a leg to stand on.

All of mine but those last 2 were bought when they first launched in 2019, or I bought additional sensors used. I’m not pursuing it personally.

The V2 sensors aren’t that much cheaper at this point to other options that integrate much better with other systems than just Wyze. Marry that with the current requirement to subscribe to the monitoring service to get the required hub, and the fact that the Wyze Rules are still quite limited in functionality, and it’s just not all that appealing for home automation.

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I got the same canned replies from the support. They made no effort to help in any other way!

Everyone at Wyze are all breathing a sigh of relief!

They made it past the 1 year warranty on these ticking time bombs, now when they brick, which they all inevitably will…
They can say, “Sorry! Out of warranty!”

Kind of sad really…

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I’m going to post a “conspiracy theory” here about the V1 sensors.

Does anyone else think it is suspicious that the V1 sensors were shipped with the batteries installed and active? Did Wyze already know about the problem with the MAC and shipped the sensors this way so they wouldn’t arrive DOA? I just find it puzzling since I can’t remember any other product I received with the battery already active, not even the V2 sensors. Storing them and shipping them that way could potentially deplete the batteries.

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Not a bad theory, but I have to give Wyze a pass on this one.

They ship it with the battery installed, but also the magnet attached to the sensor with wrap-around plastic.

This ensures that the sensor will never trigger (it only triggers “on change”), thus the sensor remains in a deep sleep, using extremely little power from the battery.

That being said, it is unconscionable that they continued to sell the v1 sensors even after discovering/finding out about the issue.

And double unconscionable that they are now rejecting RMA’s/replacements for people because they met the “spirit” of the 1 year warranty, even though all these sensors are bricking.

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But why activate the battery in the first place? Why not have some sort of tab like the V2s?

I think you might be on to something.

Every other device with a pre-installed battery I’ve received, had a little plastic film so that the battery wouldn’t touch one of the two contacts. You just have to pull out the film to activate the battery and device. Why Wyze would send these sensors without them?

Can you imagine sending out thousands of sensors, with the battery not active, all bricked on arrival!

Inexperience? Didn’t know better? Newest guy there was the one that made that decision?

Not sure I’d buy that. Why activate a battery for a product that could be in a warehouse for an extended period of time. I received a “replacement” door sensor from Wyze as part of a two pack for a warranty issue. One arrived DOA (5 flashes of the red light while trying to pair) the other was still alright. So manufacturing problem or dead battery?