Force touch feature

I just got my Wyze Bulb order today and after setting them up I thought about what I think it would be a great idea for the Wyze App to control some of the devices…
There should be a “force touch” capability on the Wyze App icon where you could turn on/off the bulbs (and even cameras) instead of opening the app every time you wish to do so. Right now the only thing that pops when using the force touch feature on the app is the “Share Wyze” button.

It’s called Home Screen Quick Actions on IOS and App Shortcuts on Android.

iOS 13 may be deprecating the 3D touch feature and possibly the Home Screen Quick Actions feature. Most normals never use or or know it’s there. It would be a nice feature but likely a low on the list of the backlog of features to implement.

Thanks because I didn’t know What, force touch , Was .
I know what App Shortcuts on Android are

You may want to hop over and vote for these:

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