Font color and size



When loading an event video, the Percentage shows up in the official Wyze turquoise color. Black would be preferable and, more importantly, readable.


The turquoise is really bad on my 59 year old eyes. Really hard to read!


Where do you see a percentage? I am on iOS and am really confused.

I have white time stamps. Which OS are you using?


I also have problems seeing the numbers and the progress circle (on Android) with my 55 yr old eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is what I thought he is referring to. I could be wrong. It looks clear in this image, but on my phone it is hard to see.


Yes. That’s the one I’m referring to. It’s very hard to see the Turquoise against the grey circle.


Wow as an updated Droid user.
I only get this view?


That looks like the 1.5.x version. If you are using the latest beta 2.0.x, it looks like what I posted. Are you signed up for the beta program?


Beta version,
Oh ok !



I agree 100%, change the colors to make all text easier to read.


And larger fonts. Looking at these images and on the phone app, it makes no sense to use micro-fonts.



The font colors in the App are very hard to read, Turquoise on White ? Black on White, Blue, Red, Purple…The App fonts and colors need contrasting colors. Thank You


For some users over 40, or others with low vision, the tiny thin font used in the app are difficult to read. When you refresh your design please give more consideration to accessibility.