Foggy image - possible hardware solution

You can actually remove the little disc with no adverse effects

Thanks to this thread, I learned that my cams (especially my pan cam) did not have a slowly degrading sensor. I have cleaned a v3, v2, and pan cam with resulting optics improved.
The only problem I ran into was self-inflicted. On the v2, I broke the retaining clip/clamp for a ribbon cable when I attempted to re-attach…soo, I have no access to the sd-disk on that one anymore (tried to rig a clip work-around to no avail). I had been using the cam outdoors in an enclosure all summer, and I think the intense heat degraded the plastic clip. Not a big deal though, since it’s more of an “extra” cam at this point.

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Is there a video that shows how to take it apart and what parts to remove? I know there is for the V2, but I’d imagine the V3 is different. I notice my image quality has degraded since I first got it and I’m wondering if this may be the cause. A video that shows how to remove the glass causing the problem would be ideal.

I used this lens replacement video. Once you get it apart, the lens assembly is pretty similar to the v2.

So, the gasket and small, thin glass that I need to clean should be pretty easy to get to?

Here ya go:

Thanks everyone!

I tried to take my v2 apart, and the cap on the lens came loose instead of the lens itself. Wound up with a piece of glass from inside the lens on the table, and after attempting to reassemble it, it now acts more like a microscope. Now it only focuses on objects <4in from the lens, and adjusting the focus only makes it focus even closer.

Anyone know how to reassemble the lens or feel like taking one apart carefully so I can know how to put it back together?

Hi @lightmaster If you are talking about the small glass disk, many have left this part out with no bad effect. If it is the lens itself you may need to remount and focus. The lens is threaded and adjusts the focus, then has to be fixed with RTV to hold in place.

There are several helpful videos on youtube regarding lens e.g. Wyze Camera Lens Swap
Prob skip ahead to 5:00 min. for lens -or- 8:23 for focus.
(link posted by @kroq83 Jan 25, '20)

I’m talking about the actual pieces of convex and concave glass inside the threaded lens housing. The cap came unscrewed from the lens instead of the lens coming unscrewed from the sensor. Focus is very weird so I think I have it assembled wrong. Gonna play with it more tomorrow and just order a new one if I can’t figure it out.

Yep, wouldn’t know how to reassemble the lens. There are replacents lens avail on Amaxon.

Not only that they’re better quality better optics and you can choose what you want a close-up, standard telephoto I have all three in my cameras and it does make a big difference

I have 7 V2 cams going back to 2016. Each needed it’s “glass” cleaned.
Every. Single. One.
Some fogged up in the space of a couple of months, others took years. Some were exclusively indoors, others lived their entire life outdoors. I’m beginning to think this is not a QC issue but a “feature”.