Foggy image - possible hardware solution

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Can someone verify if that glass disk is present in V3s?

I’ve cleaned the class on my Wyze Pan Cam. I wonder if anybody has to clean it a second time. Does the problem recur

I don’t think I’ve had a reoccurrence and I did 4 V2 cameras. 2 of them still have the glass, but cleaned a year ago and 2 have the glass removed, but unfortunately, I don’t remember which is which. I didn’t do my Pan cam at all.

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Many thanks to the people who have experimented and diagnosed the foggy image problem. That took time, knowledge, and skill!
I found this thread because one of the outdoor cameras(woc) I have has foggy areas and appears to have the problems discussed. I am posting and adding a picture to the thread because I didn’t see references to the woc and suspect the problem may also be in newer cameras and want to document that. Mine was ordered 6/30/20 as part of the started pkg with base hub and was activated 8/26/20. A second woc activated 11/08/20 hasn’t developed the fog problem- yet.
Overall, I have 4- v2’s going back several years, 2 new v3’s with only one activated, and 2 woc’s. Currently, only one camera shows the problem which is a good thing because I do not have the eye sight or skillset to dismantle and correct the issue with my camera as others have done.

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Apologies that the photo is not uploaded. I am using iphone and will need to read about uploading actually photo and not a .png file name. Sigh…

If so it looks like the V3 will be much harder to open and repair. :wink:

The 2 WOC’s have been great until this issue developed in one of them. The battery charge has been excellent and recordings have been clear.

Sadly, that situation does not seem to have been addressed by Wyze. I know how to disassemble V2’s and Pan cams but need instruction video for the V3’s and WCO


Following this thread… we have 10 where I work. All have some degree of “fog”. I just cleaned my first and now the picture is much clearer.

I also have 1 of 3 cams at home that has the fog that I will be cleaning next.

Thanks for the tips!

From all the posts regarding this issue, leaving the glass disk out seems to not have any negative effects.