Flying orb or firefly?!? Help me understand this!


<p style=“text-align: right;”>Caught this on camera via night vision when we were out… can’t seem to figure it out. Flying orb or firefly? I did not notice a fly in the house before we left … has anyone seen something like this ?</p> (591 KB)


Some bug.



I believe it is a bug that flew close to the camera. The bug is close to the LED lights on the camera and is over exposed so it looks bright white. The bug looks like a streak because the camera is taking long exposures that are 1/10th of a second long every 1/10th of a second. Here are two consecutive frames from the movie. The length of the streak in each frame is the distance the bug flew during the 1/10th of a second that frame was exposed. You can see that the camera starts exposing a new frame immediately after finishing exposing the previous frame.






UFO! :slight_smile:


It’s definately an orb. We have captured lots of them along with noises being made when no one is there. Just had a paranormal group come in and verified our thoughts. They are harmless. Attanched is a clip of childs heard while they were investigating. This was captured with their equipment.


I don’t know what they are. I do see some of those things outside where my cameras pick them up. I see a lot of flying things. If they are bugs, then my yard has a lot of them. This is why I don’t put my cameras inside, somethings are best not knowing about. :slight_smile:



Whoa! Can Wyze share this on social media?