Floyd my Friendly Ghost

Agree. At :07 there is obviously something black moving in that area between the couch arm and whatever is on the ottoman. Nice try OP.



Ok, a stocking for a cat. Now I’m scared.


We all are… :hushed:

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Anything to get a little pussy…cat…

Plus, never admit to having an uninvited four legged creature living in your house…better to call it a ghost.

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Quick note, this is a family friendly forum and that gets pretty darn close to the boundary. I admit, the joke did make me snort! But please tone it down a little bit from there from now on. :slight_smile:


I pick up the night vision ones all the time on the v2 like your first one shows so I put the pan cam right next to it and it never see’s anything.

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I think these are very small bugs or floating dust that are very close to the lens reflecting the IR. If I’m right, it’'s not surprising a second camera wouldn’t see it. It’s surprising the pan cam doesn’t have their own though.

The first and third video are both shot on the pan can.

@eibyer - that’s exactly what I was thinking - they are only $20 and work really well!


I don’t have a ghost, but my Wyze cams show these same things. I get bugs all the time, exactly as in the first video.

Light and motion vision tracking artifacts, exactly as in the second video, based on how high your sensitivity settings are. (A fun thing to do is to turn on sound detection, and you’ll capture a lot more phantom motion that seems to capture nothing, until you realize they’re triggered with delay every time my niece is running around upstairs, but with a deeper more muffled “scary” sound.)

And finally, I don’t know why everyone keeps saying they see a black cat in the third video. It doesn’t look black or white; it doesn’t look like a shadow. It doesn’t look like the table leg, as that’s way too far away. It clearly looks like the mostly black tail of a black and white animal, and the owner has already confirmed that’s the type of cat he owns.

But they’re fun videos. Most people on YouTube don’t say the bug is a ghost. They usually say it’s a UFO, except of course that’s because they’re usually outside. This is inside, so a ghost makes more sense. I would post toa UFO/ghost forum. Many of these bug videos have thousands of views! :slight_smile:

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It’s a robotic vacuum cleaner for sure in Video 3.

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I just want to know what is that on the tray moving in video 3? Looks like two steaks.

If I had to guess, it looks like the “one inch” cut from the bottom of a cut Christmas tree…maybe done twice…and now turned into coasters.

Open on Youtube. Look at the corner of the ottoman and the armrest.


I have captured what appears to be orbs/dust on my Wyze camera since we got it 2 weeks ago. Now over the past 2 nights I have what appears to be Ghosts like entities floating in the air twice now on IR
1st time on Aug 18th at 1254am and then last night 08/20 at 226am. very strange

totally fake and not a ghost. I have to go on the Side of the guy who called this op a fake.

When I got my first wyze cam, I had just finished the setup process and booted the app to check the image quality. I had left it pointing towards a TV for no reason in particular. Through the app I saw the room with the black tv in the background.

I saw that “orb” thing that was in OPs first post, except there were multiple just dancing around in all directions. They were only visible when the objects crossed the front of the black (off) tv and you could literally see them change directions incredibly fast.

It caught my attention. I looked up. Nothing in front of the TV. Looked down, there they were. This went on for about 2 min before I walked up to the TV and kinda waved my arm around. The “orbs” dispersed and I didn’t see the artifacts again. I left the camera pointed in that direction for an hour or so checking periodically, but nothing again. It was very odd. I’d understand if it was bugs or dust glowing at night due to the IR lights, but this was in the middle of the day.

My cameras are mounted outside of my house now so similar dust/bugs are always visible at night. Similar, but not the same.

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