Floyd my Friendly Ghost


I recently moved into a new home and have been experiencing some interesting things. I finally determined that I have a friendly ghost living with me. He seemed to me to be an older gentleman who likes to read the newspaper, drink coffee, and wander around. Caught a few unexplainable things on my cameras and wanted to share. The third link contains the spookiest video.



Unavailable? Ghost took it down?

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Try it now. I think I fixed it.

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Ok, the last one was freaky lol



Since when is someone pulling a tray/table with a piece of string “spooky”. Hahaha nice try. Its people like you that give people with real ghost issues and real ghost videos a bad name.

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I am waiting for OP to come back to comment. but 3rd is definitely spooky



Spooky :ghost:

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I promise that no one is pulling the table. I was at work when I received the notification and I live alone. If need be to convince you, I can get my Google phone location, work emails, and signed statements from at least three other people.

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Well, for someone who claims to live alone, it is interesting to note three (Christmas) stockings hung up in front of the TV. I also appreciate the numerous shoes stockpiled in video number 2. I still question the authenticity of the action recorded in this video. I am comforted in knowing that I am not the only one that still has Christmas decorations up in mid January.



Those stockings are for my girlfriend and her cat. We celebrated Christmas day at my house. As for all the shoes, I have a show problem. I can never throw them away once they get old. I could get you her phone location data too if needed. She was also at work. But even if you don’t end up believing that is fine. I believe in Floyd because I have to deal with him being my spooky roommate.



Ok, now we may be getting somewhere…does the cat stay at your house? Was the cat at the house the day of the third recording? Any other animals living in the house?



The cat’s name is Bruce. He does not live with me. He lives with my girlfriend at her apartment. I can promise you that no living creature was in the house.




“The cat’s name is Bruce. He does not live with me. He lives with my girlfriend at her apartment. I can promise you that no living creature was in the house.”

I have bad news for you, there IS an animal living in your house, and THAT is what moved the table…is Bruce a black cat? From 6-8 seconds in the video anyone can see what appears to be the back of some animal crest just between the white covering on the arm rest and blue thing on the ottoman on the right–the very right side of the moving table look at wood floor. Get me Bruce’s cell phone location. NONE of your video’s are spooky, please review them more carefully before freaking yourself out–and others!..hahaha I did enjoy debunking this…thanks for the challenge…tell floyd, I mean bruce, I said hi!



Lol. So hasty to claimed you’ve solved something. Bruce is a white cat who doesn’t live with me. But I am happy that you feel accomplished not believing others.

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You have something living with you. Might try moving your cam to capture the floor area & see what shows up!



Well, I am best at believing what my eyes show me…and what I see is what is most definitely the back of some animal moving away from the moving table. Hahaha. It may not be Bruce, but you certainly have some other “living creature” in your house, at least the day of this recording. My suggestion is to set up some traps and seal up any gaps or holes that may let animals inside. You can sleep easy tonight knowing “Floyd” is some black ground dwelling animal…as seen in 6-8 seconds in the video as I explained above.



Not a bad idea. I did move the furniture around a bit to see if I can catch anything else on camera. No activity since the tv tray moved. But Floyd has been loud at night lately.



Could be a rat, like ghosts, they like to come out at night also…but so do many animals that try to gain advantage under the cover of darkness.

The TV tray may be a known source of food crumbs or food smells and that is why this rodent or animal goes and visits (if you do bring food to that table). Perhaps you should have Bruce stay a couple of nights…? I guess I would rather believe I have a ghost living with me than some unknown rodent that may actually cause real havoc.

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Such a cute cat

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I would suggest getting more wyze cams lol :D, then share it with us ;D