Floodlight v3 seems to be connected to the pir sensor …?

Can I get some more insight into this , so for the longest time now I have had a wyze cam floodlight . It’s great , I’m able to have a bright floodlight that lights up my driveway at night and also has a camera with the option of an additional v3 .

One issue that seems to be turning my world upside down , is that i notice that when I turn up the motion detection sensitivity to my v3 my floodlight pir sensor will get super sensitive . Cars headlights , bugs , wind , rain , light changes , etc.

Even when I have set the floodlight to only turn on the floodlight when motions been detected by the pir sensor .

A while back , I spoke to support and they confirmed that Wyze engineered the v3 that came mounted to the floodlight with the Pir sensor .

Now a lot of people have disagreed with me and even have said that must not be true , but that’s what I was told by support and I even experience it . So who’s to say …?

Just wondering if anyone here can give me a definite answer to this question , i would gladly appreciate it .