Floodlight gets triggered by spider webs

I’ve noticed for some time now , when I have my v3 on the floodlight set to night vision that spider webs , rain droplets , light changes , dust , bugs , insects , etc will trigger the floodlights . Even when the floodlight settings have been set to only turn on when motions been detected by the pir sensor

I’m assuming these motion events , give off enough heat to trigger the floodlights.

My old dumb floodlights pir sensor wasn’t even this sensitive.

The only fix that I have to this , is by turning off the night vision. But I need the night vision when theirs no lights around to see better. I need night vision but at the expense of my floodlights being triggered by everything isn’t worth it…

The pir sensor needs some work done , been 8 months of dealing with this and I’ve been left very unsatisfied with my unit .

Not sure if this applies as I don’t have the Wyze floodlight so I can’t be sure of the settings options…

But… Are the IR emitters on the cam operating when the floodlight PIR is detecting?

I have several cam V3 operating mounted over standard floodlights with PIR. Because the cam was flooding the field with active IR with the emitters on Far, any movement by bugs close to the PIR sensor would get an intense IR reflection off of the object. Like shining a flashlight into a mirror, only with IR.

My floodlights would activate, the cam would go into color mode automatically from the white light on, the IR emitters would turn off for this, the floodlight would go off after it’s preset time cycle, the cam would then automatically revert back to NV IR and the emitters would come back on and again flood the field with IR. The floodlight PIR sensed this IR flood reflection and so went back on again.

The two danced with each other in a constant on\off feedback loop all night long!

I fixed this by lowering the PIR sensitivity and reducing the cam to IR near.

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Yes the IR emitters are operating when the pir sensor is detecting

I have my night vision ir lights set to fear , i have changed them to near . I haven’t thought of that , I changed it just now and will update you in the future to see if that helped . Thanks slab

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:+1: One would think that the logic in the firmware would have been developed to be able to adjust the IR emitter output and the PIR sensitivity to reach a balance automatically. If Wyze is putting IR emitters on the same equipment as PIR sensors, that would have been my first thought given the two are interconnected. Short of that, it would be nice to have % sliders to adjust rather than just near and far.