Floodlight gets triggered by bugs even when set to pir sensor

So after 8 months of dealing with this floodlight I’ve had enough . It’s just unreliable , buggy, and gets triggered by everything besides what I want it to be triggered by

Me walking past it ? Nope . A bug flys across the frame , sure let’s get triggered all night .

The wyze cam floodlight is a fail .

I have my floodlight set to only turn on when motion has been detect by the pir sensor . Yet constant false motion light activations . The reason ? When the v3 is in night mode , and a bug that the camera defects will trigger it but how is that based of the PIR sensor ? Doesn’t make no sense .

I’ll leave a video of a spider web triggering my floodlight , and my settings to it.

If this product doesn’t improve , I’ll have to go with a different brand floodlight camera