Floodlight cameras going offline

I have the floodlight camera and I added the additional v3 through the back USB port . I’ve had the device for 8 months now and one issues affecting it on a monthly basis is the v3 that came mounted to the floodlight accessory will go offline

Just woke up from my sleep (night shift) and when I opened up my group my floodlight camera the main v3 said offline . This seems to affect the camera on a monthly basis , it’s mostly the main camera but the other v3 has gone offline

A quick fix is just to turn off the floodlight by the light switch and turn it back on and it’ll do a hard reset and get my camera back up running

But since I’m busy all the time and I’m away from home often or too far away from the light switch , what i have done is I installed a wyze switch to the switch that controls my floodlight

That way whenever it goes off line , i can turn off /on the floodlight by my phone when I’m away to get the camera back up and running

This happens once -twice a month . My floodlight has good wifi range , it’s right beside the wall where my router is.

Just seeing if anyone else experienced this ?!?!

Also when i view the playback on the v3 that went offline , the playback automatically speeds up . It’ll do that every time it goes off line. Which i actually like because we do desperately need playback speeds for better playback scrubbing

I’ll include a video of this , look at the bottom right corner where the clock is . Notice how fast it goes …

So I have been dealing with an issue with my camera going offline with a constant error 90 message. Its only impacting the cameras I have connected to the USB port on my floodlights. This is super frustrating! Hard reset works for 20 minutes, then the connected camera to floodlight goes offline again.

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Same here , i just got a wyze switch and installed on the floodlight switch so I can do a hard reset on my phone when it goes down