Flic- Direct Integration

I’d love to see Wyze integrate directly with Flic (and avoid IFTTT). Ideas for Flic buttons:
-Direct integration (properly done) would allow toggling of lights
-Set Pan Cam waypoints to specific button clicks
-Wyze Sense: I could see a Flic button being used to arm and disarm sensors
-button click to lock/unlock a Wyze lock

Basically anything you’d do with a voice assistant, without needing to yell out. (I have young kids, and yelling out to Alexa isn’t always a great option :slight_smile:)

Never heard of this but the Amazon reviews are awful, about 3 stars. Do you find them useful?

Why can’t you just have it launch Alexa routines? Why would Wyze or IFTTT need to be involved? Not sure about camera waypoints but I think you can do the other requests that way…

I don’t think you know what Flic is, and I don’t believe they’re even available on Amazon…

Edited for more detail: Though they will, “in the near future”, be able to run alexa routines, you still can’t, for example, toggle a light with a routine because alexa doesn’t execute a routine based on the current state of a light. I currently have a few LIFX bulbs, which are directly controlled by the Flic, and therefor I can use the same input (click, double click, hold) to turn on and off lights.

No, I told you straight out I’d never heard of them, and they are listed on Amazon, which is where I found the 3 star reviews I mentioned. Reportedly they suck. Their Android app is similarly rated 3 stars there. Who in the world would lie about such a thing?

Further, if they’re sold for automation and they can’t even launch something in Alexa, that does sound awfully sucky… I don’t know why Wyze would want to cast its lot on a sinking ship.

That’s strange, it doesn’t show up in my search. Regardless, shows how bad relying on Amazon reviews are as a sole source of information. Also regardless #2, I like them and requested direct integration.

I just bought a starter kit and can’t wait to get them now that they have direct Alexa integration with routines. Closest thing to SmartThings integration at this point I believe to try and tie things together. I’m hoping I can at least toggle Wyze plugs with the Flic button, along with the Wyze bulbs.

Since the Wyze Floor Lamp and Flic buttons/Hub are Bluetooth based. A Flic integration would be a great thing to be able to use Flic buttons. It could possibly lead to Alexa integration through the Flic/Alexa interface,

I finally got my Flic set and they work great (they are pricey though). I can control my Wyze plug, and kickoff other Alexa Routines no problem. The 3 star reviews in Alexa are not warranted - they work great to kickoff routines. Very solid implementation. I do not miss the Ikea and SmartThings Buttons which will now collect dust.

I agree, Flic buttons are fantastic. They will be releasing a twist button soon and it would be awesome to be able to use it as a dimmer for Wyze bulbs.

Flic buttons are a game changer, I have them now everywhere, they control everything and I have built elaborate routines that are triggered by a push on a strategically placed button. I love Flic so much that I am willing to replace all Wyze bulbs with another brand if they don’t offer Flic integration soon.