Firmware wyze cam v2

Hello I have one of my wyze v2 cameras that when connecting it only turns on the yellow light and so it remains. I have downloaded the firmware for my camera and followed the procedure according to the instructions. I have the demo.bin file on the SD card, I have pressed the configuration button, I connect the camera to the electrical network and nothing changes, I have tried taking more time than wyze advises and nothing, it never changes to blue light.
Could someone give me some advice on what else I can do?
Thank you very much, alvmontilla

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I’ve the same problem with 2 V2’s

Hi @alvmontilla and welcome to the Community forum!
It sounds like you’re doing everything right. When you say “taking more time” may I assume you mean holding the reset button down after plugging in the USB power cable?
Is the uSD card 32Gb or less and format in FAT32?

If all that is true,
(1) Leave the cam powered down overnight.
(2) Reformat the uSD card in a PC. e.g.

  • Reformat the uSD card on your workstation and un-check the default “Quick format” option which will force a complete overwrite of the card and fix or lock out bad cells.

Alternate Method:

  • From ‘Properties’ or a Command Line,
  • Run chkdsk x: /r where x is the drive letter to double check the uSD card.

Copy the demo.bin over and try again.

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Thanks for the answer . I will try.

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Let me know how it works out for you.

Why leave it unplugged overnight? Any caps will discharge completely in a matter of minutes