Firmware Upgrade section under Account in Android App

I noticed that there is no entry for my Wyze band under Firmware Upgrade in the Account section of the app.
Will it be added there?


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The products that connect vie bluetooth cannot be in the bulk firmware upgrade area as they cannot be bulk upgraded. Any bluetooth device update methods will be found in the device areas themselves.

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Sorry it was in the wrong section. I thought that my question was more appropriate for the App Beta program.

So, I guess in the app the Firmware Upgrade has a different meaning than what the section is called? I guess that is a request that I would put in that maybe that Account section be renamed to reflect what firmware upgrade would be found under it

They have us move pretty much everything EA to the EA area.

When they originally made the firmware update area they had no BLE devices. I do agree they should put something in there letting people know they other devices must be updated in different locations.