Firmware update to be able to see bricked contact sensors, the same way HA can

HA, Home Assistant, can see contact sensors which dont pair with Wyze bridge [due to the low battery brown out product defect], HA can receive open/close alerts from these contact sensors, the limitation HA has is that it cant display the sensor name, as the MAC address is not available, and that obviously you have to add a continuously running laptop/tablet to your Wyze system to run HA .

If HA, a third party application, can communicate with ‘bricked sensors’, why cant Wyze issue a firmware update to the Wyze Bridge do the same? To accommodate RTSP users, it had made an ad hoc firmware release, why not in this case?

topic in more detail

a lot of wyze customers have invested a lot of time & even modified their house fittings to integrate Wyze sense V1, a firmware release would allow them to continue using their existing , already installed sensors. thanks





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