Fire TV Integration/ Xbox



Hello, I would like it if you could please do integration for Fite TV/Xbox. I would like to have the ability to view my cams from those devices because I have a came in my babies room. This would be easier to keep track of him.

Fire TV connectivity
Native Fire App

We are integrated with Fire TV through Alexa though we’re not integrated with Xbox. Thanks for the request!


I’ve downloaded the skill with Alexa, but I see that it is not yet compatible with the Firestick. It is supposed to be coming soon. Any idea when? And what will I be able to do, tell Alexa to show me the front door camera and it will show up on my tv?


What generation of Fire Stick do you have? The Wyze skill is only compatible with Fire Stick Gen 2+.


I have the Fire TV Stick with 1st Gen Alexa Voice Remote. i bought back in 2016. I do not wanna have to buy a new one…Thanks!


Well, dang. Sorry I don’t have an answer for that issue!



Is there any plans for a native Amazon Fire app?


If there is a thread for this I apologize a quick look did not show one. Like the Apple TV app request and I am sure there will be one for Roku as well.