Find my phone

Does anybody know if Wyze will change the way find my phone works on the Wyze Band?

Currently, I believe the app has to be open in order to find my phone. This is a huge inconvenience on my already depleted battery.

Does anybody know if this’ll be fixed or if there are ways to bypass this while still using the find my phone function?


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Out of curiosity how would you be able to use ANY app without it being open? Meaning how would you tell an app that was not open to Find Your Phone? Apple, Android require their apps to be open to do that as well?

I think it just needs to be running in the background, not actively open.

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I agree, for the Wyze app. But how would you enter a command into an app that is not open which seems to be what the original poster is asking?

The way I am understanding @drewg, his question is if he is using the “Find My Phone” feature on the band: Does the app have to be open in order for the band to cause the phone to “make some noise”? To me it sounds like he is concerned about the phone battery life draining quickly with the app having to be open all the time. (Andrew does not say what type of device he is using. I have a Galaxy s8 running Android.)

So I tested the feature on my phone. I added “Find Device” to the band and then closed the app UI on the phone. I pressed “Find Phone” on the band and the phone vibrated and gave to cute little ring. My Wyze app is always running in the background and was connected to the band. When I force closed the app. The band was no longer connected to the phone and the “Find Phone” didn’t work.

So, the app does need to be running in the background at the least to be able to find it. If you are not close enough to the phone to maintain the BT connection, the band will not find it.

On a personal note, I don’t have a use for this feature. If the band is not on my wrist, it’s on the nightstand. And I always have my phone with me. :wink:

@drewg, does this help?

That’s my point, if an app is not running, even in the background, there is no way to interact with it. If he is worried about the app having to run in the foreground to function I could see his worry about battery life.

That said, I agree the app needs to be running but only in the background. On ios it’s very similar, background only is all that’s needed.

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