Filter Alerts by Type (Motion, Sound, Etc.)

I am newbie here and just purchased Wyze from microcenter.
So impressed Wyze app can manage all other products and camera abilities with this price range.

But I would like to vote one to adding better filter and sorting ability by time range, triggered type such sound and motion detected tags. Currently only the cloud base can shows detection list. On the SD card I am having hard time to finding the specific type and time frame.

Used to have Samsung smartcam has abilities to various filter and search. I really wish Wyze team can add filter and searching capabilities.


Welcome to the Wyze family, @archstar1982! Thanks for the up vote here as I am hopeful this will get some traction!!

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Still a great product and team overall!
Is there a way to get more fidelity selections on the Event page?
It has “device” and “person”, but at times I would like to choose a filter for “motion” or “sound”, but it does not appear to be a selection available.
Ideally a filter allows sorting of all parameters, to get the right combination of many down to a few.


This has been in development for a bit but I forgot to move it. Sorry! :slight_smile:


In the wyze app, I would like a way to filter video clip notification “events” by sense triggers. Right now I can filter by camera, but I would also like a way to only see the triggered videos from my wyze sense sensors (Smart video alerts). Can we get an option to filter events by each sensor, or at the very least have an option to only show the smart video alerts?

After reading your comment at where I moved it, I understood what you were really asking for. The title has also been changed for clarity


I think this is a good idea for people who have the motion sensor and only want to see video alerts set off by true motion.

Just added sensors and disappointed that this filter wasn’t there as soon as I saw that tag was there :frowning: especially since it only loads 20 videos at a time in events.

Yep. Event filtering is weak. We should be able to filter on what triggered the event. I often want to filter out events triggered by sound, for example.

If you want to filter events by sound, you should vote here.


In the EVENTS tab, it would be nice to filter “smart alerts” only

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Test reply.

Please create a list of motion detected events in the app similar to the way Nest and Arlo does with thumbnails. This makes it easier to get back to motion events. Right now it is almost unusable to get back to an event or to catch a criminal.

Sorry, I’m not familiar with the others - what are they doing different with thumbnails than Wyze’s current events page? Thanks for posting!