Filter Alert Types (Motion, Sound, Notified)

It’d be awesome if I could filter the notifications view to only show me “Motion Alerts” or just “Sound Alerts”. Sometimes I would rather see just the Motion Alerts but there are a million Sound Alerts I have to scroll past to find them.


I would like to see this feature, as well!

I would like to see a “filter by” sound or motion feature once I have selected the camera I want to see.

Roger Ward

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Would be nice and helpful to be able to filter (sub-filter) on other things than just the camera name and date. For a person/company with multiple cameras, it would great to sub-filter on sound or motion - enable us to quickly research and get right to any motion events instead of having to search an entire day of events. A time saver.

I’m surprised this wish only has 10 votes! It seems like it would be a nice improvement for the app for people trying to view only certain motion or sound events. Maybe this feature is only available in beta mode while they are testing person detection? I wonder if you can filter by person, motion, and sound in the beta app or is it just person vs motion plus sound.

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That would be nice

I would also like to filter by time. I have a camera with hundreds of events, and searching for them at a specific time of the day is a (scrolling) pain.

I think filtering by time might be a little different than filtering by motion or sound. I think it would be different from just clicking one button. You might want to post a new one on the wish list for looking for an event in a certain time frame of it’s not already requested.

In addition to the existing “person” tag, the events NEED tag filters for motion, sound, and scene action. The events already have these tags applied to them…and the ability to filter tags is already in the app. There’s no reason the filter options can’t easily include the various tags to choose from.

Al of the required functionality is already in the app. As a 20 year developer, I can say with relative confidence enabling these tag features is a 1/2 day project to enable and fully test. It could be released in beta by Tuesday , assuming devs don’t work on the weekend, and are half-asleep monday morning when they start work

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I agree, we need this UI.

Filter events by motion, sound and events that caused notifications.

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I emailed them about this and they said to post on this wishlist about it… seems like it’s a no brainer to build this in since they already have the option to filter by “person”