Files missing from SD card




This weekend my neighbor told me his truck was broken into. As it turns out one of my cameras points the direction of his truck so I figured I would check out the footage to see if it caught anything. I have it set to continuous record, so I was pretty sure it would have captured it, I just didn’t know what time it happened so I started scrubbing the video to see if I could find it. Here are a couple things I noticed…

  1. Scrubbing video using the mobile app is basically useless. IMO it's far too sensitive and when you try to move the play head it jumps around minutes at a time making it hard to stop somewhere precise in the video. I end up scrubbing back past the event and just letting it play up to where I actually wanted to see. In addition to that, the latency between the reading of the SD and the transfer of the video to the mobile app over the network just adds to the uselessness of the whole experience.
  2. After scrubbing around a bit, the playback will ultimately freakout and send you back to the end of the video (or real-time) making you lose your place in the video and require you to re-scrub back to where you were.
  3. When you do find the point in the video you want, there is no way to download the clip. It allows you to take a picture, but that seems like it's usefulness would be limited. For example, what if I needed to provide a clip (not an image) to the police?
With all that said, I figured I would just pull the SD card, load it up in the computer and use a program like Quicktime (or whatever) that would allow me to properly scrub the video to find what I was looking for in short order. When I did that I was surprised to find an empty SD card. Even though the camera has been in continuous record mode for weeks now, and at this point has started to record over the oldest footage, when looking at it on the computer there wasn't a single video file on the SD card. I checked both from a Mac and a Windows machine with the same results. To make the situation worse, when I installed the SD card back into the camera now all the footage I had previously been able to scrub through was gone!




During playback, use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline to expand it (there are two stages) which gives you much greater control over the timeline when trying to get to a certain point. The only way get the video off the camera in playback is to hit the record button and let it record in real time. (I’m not sure, but that feature may only be in the beta app still.)

I don’t know where your video files may have gone. Did you power down the camera before removing the card? If not, that potentially may have corrupted the card.


Interesting, I didn’t realize about the zooming of the timeline. That makes it more useful for sure.

As for powering down the camera, it was not. I don’t even see where that’s an option, so if you are referring to just pulling the power cable before removing the SD card, it seems like that would/could yield the same result.

I could understand losing a file that is actively being written, but my assumption would be that it records in chucks and any files already written to the SD card would be OK. But hey, it’s a $20 camera so what do you expect?!


Have you gotten any updates on this?

Seems as though there has to be a way to safely download video from the SD card.


Nope, no official update.

However, I did pull a card from a different camera and it had all the files on there. That particular camera had a 32gb card in it, as opposed to the problem camera that had a 64gb card in it. Not sure if that plays a part or not…it was just an observation I made knowing that WyseCam only recommends up to a 32gb card.


This is what I do since there is no “safely remove” option.

I select the camera, then turn off recording to SD card. Then wait for a minute (not sure it this is needed, but the camera seems to like to record 61 second videos, with a little overlap). so I wait just in case it is still trying to write. Then I power off and remove the card. I know, it’s belt and suspenders, but I haven’t had any problems using that procedure, but have only done it a few times, so it’s statistically insignificant anecdotal evidence.

The down side to this, is that you have to remember to turn it back on when you reinsert the card.

I think a “safely remove SD card” that would pause the recording, sync the card, and then indicate it was safe to remove the SD card would be useful. And it would also be nice if there was a way to “remount” the card, so if someone accidentally selected a camera that was 1500 miles away, and “ejected” the SD, they wouldn’t be stuck with an SD that was not recognized until it was popped out and reinserted, or the power was cycled.


No guarantees, but if you ever have a card that appears like it was reformatted and it had important data on it, you may be able to clone it (using something like Win32DiskImager and then attempt to recover files from the copy using something like Recuva or PhotoRec. First rule of data recovery: Don’t write anything to the device you are trying to recover files from. Make an image (block for block) copy to another device and recover from the copy.


I just figured out how to download a section of Playback video. In Playback get to where you want to start. When it is playing, select “Record”. When you get to where you wish to stop select “Stop”. It will put a video clip in your album. Go to your album. Open the video & select “Share”. You can e-mail it to yourself.


Nice - thanks for sharing that.

That would be the most common use case - grabbing the clip around an activity - so that’s a pretty good workaround.

It would still be nice to be able to download the entire thing, to say, google drive, so that we can do our own thing to it without having to be physically at the camera.

For example, I might like to put it in my video editor (Camtasia), speed it up dramatically, and look for activity that way.

(One day WyzeCam will mark the video where the alerts took place for us - THAT would be nice!!)