Feedback on Beta live stream view on Web

I hope somebody at Wyze is looking at this.

For me the beta is working OK (Chrome, Win10). But two nits:

1 - When I haven’t looked at the camera for a while (hours or days) I get the “Please log into your account” whenever I hit Live stream - Wyze

2 - Then I get a black window and need to hit the Play button in the middle to start the stream.

This seems like two completely needless steps that slow me (and presumably everyone) down.

Can’t you save a cookie identifying my PC and not ask me to login again every time? (All I want to see is my driveway - it’s not exactly top-secret info). It’s even worse with 2FA enabled (I turned that off).

I understand some customers may not want it that easily accessible - fine; make it optional.

And why not just start playing immediately without waiting for the Play button to be clicked? I don’t see any point in that - I can’t imagine why I wouldn’t want to see the live feed once I hit the page.

I use the Wyse cam to check my driveway (and will be adding a doorbell). It’s important to be able to get a live view quickly without a lot of needless delaying steps - I’d like to be able to just double-click the link on my desktop and have the video come up without me needing to do anything else.

More feedback on the Events View:

For me the dimmed snapshots of each event are too dim - I can’t tell if there’s anything I want to see in the event or not (without highlighting with the mouse).

I suggest instead don’t dim the snapshots, just change the color of the background to show which event is selected with the mouse.

See screenshot: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

Also the snapshots are way too small.

I wish I could control the field of view. I would like a narrower view.