Fedex SmartPost is FartPost® P'ew

Geez. It cracks me up every time I see the title of this thread. :rofl:


I agree with everything you said… and ill NEVER order anything in-app or otherwise from Wyze, im just going to “eat it” and spend the extra 10$ (average) so i know ill actually get the item, and also notifications on its shipping or changes to shipping…

I placed my order with wyze April 29th… come-on! an AGE ago… where’s MY STUFF!

Thats what ive been waiting on… and nothing, nada, supposed to be here wed, and here we are Friday, and fedex cant find the tracking info…


I need to go back to the past, but im still waiting on my time machine order to ship from Wyze…

The Smartpost is code for FedEx handing the package off to USPS. But not Priority Mail, nope, not First Class either, nope. Its parcel post. Saves FedEx pennies and they don’t have to deliver it. A couple of times, before they started blocking me, I was able to track the package via Parcel Post. It would sit in a USPS distro point for weeks. The logic behind that kind of “delivery” escapes me. Then, they would move it to my local post office, not the distro point near me, my actual local post office. And it would sit for another 7-10 days. I even had the number on it once, and drove the two miles to the local post office and asked them to try and find it. They took one look at the number and said, no without explanation.

I don’t understand the logic of parking a cart full of parcel post packages at a distro point and letting it sit for weeks. Its going to get delivered, some day, so what’s the economic rationale of walking past the cart several times a day for weeks vice just push it to the loading ramp, to save a nickel or dime?

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Sam_Bam… tell me thats NOT SO… they hand it off to USPS??? really?? please… not really? really? USPS is terrible in my area… ill never get my stuff if fedex decides to find my stuff but then hands it off to USPS…

I really want to fill this page with profanities… im very, very angry and saddened…

last update was about 2-3 days ago, and it had been sitting in Georgia for those days… and now when i try search, it cant find anything via my tracking number…

&&^^%$$$%^^&& = swearing my head off…

Thanks for the info @Sam_Bam im just really upset if that is really true, and i have no doubt about what you are saying… dammit

PS: Before they started blocking you… explain please?

Yes, that’s the “post” in Smartpost. Smart of FedEx even though hurts the customer.
I think, I guess it was a procedural change that did not permit me to continue to query FedEx call center for the USPS tracking number. I’d watch for the point where the package stopped moving, then call the FedEx Call Center asking for status of my package. I don’t think they recognized it was Smartpost. Just guessing, but seems some call reps would not know as much as more seasoned ones. I sometimes would call a couple of times, and not let on I had already called. Sometimes they would dig a little deeper and would give me another tracking number. Me, knowing it was USPS, I took the info down, and thanked them. Then I would look it up on Bingo, when it finally arrived, you could see it was delivered by USPS, not FedEx.

Trying to make sense of this, I think Wyze uses FedEx for some locations or some products, as a fulfillment center and shipping. FedEx’s contract allows them to deliver anyway they wish, without consideration for how long it takes. And Wyze didn’t know stuff could/would take a month to some places. I mean its FEDEX, right? FEDEX that made their name for overnight delivery, right? Who would think “hand it to FedEx and see it next year”.

Yes, FedEx Smartpost takes the package part way, and using some kinky math decides, now, lets give it to USPS and we give them only this much money to take it the rest of the way. I said, Parcel Post, but I think sometimes it may be using the “printed media/book” rate, which is even cheaper and longer to deliver.

FedEx is entitled to create this method/rate. But I fault Wyze for not caring enough about customers that are fed up with this shipping method and doing nothing about it. For instance, I order a lone V3 camera, and the shipping is $9.95. That’s more than USPS would charge for that small a package. I pay a premium rate and it take a month? THAT’s WYZE’s fault. Its their fault, when many of us complain and nothing changes.


Also, UPS does the same thing and calls it UPS Mail Innovations.

In short, this is why Bezos can go into orbit whenever he feels like it. He made delivering product a priority.

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Interesting, is that my stiff showed up Saturday… YEAY… i never got any text message, no email even though i signed up for updates, but the fedex tracking website did say something interesting, it said it was not handing off the package to USPS… i think they realized that if they did hand it off, that package would miss its delivery window by a mile… not that i think they would be accountable for that (right?).
USPS used to work on a zero budget, where the money it made, and spent at the end of a financial year would be $0.00, so not operating at a profit or loss, but somehow over the years its gone nuts and they are billions of dollars in debt… dont know how every year they go further into debt…
So, i finally got my stuff…

@ Sam_Bam and @ Customer
I agree, its on Wyze, as you have said, and the proof is here, lots of very unhappy people with their delivery choice and yet they are still doing it. I placed the order on the app, 4 days later is when they said its shipping… i think 4 days is a long time for an item to be shoved in a box, label created and sent off to the shipper… then my package disappearing form fedex tracking several times, only to reappear with a delivery time pending message… im wondering if they tried to hand it off to USPS (even though last known place was in GA for my order) and USPS didnt have the people for it… it was strange id get the “no package found with that tracking number”, a day later it showed it in GA with a “delivery date pending”, then it would go around again. It did that 4 or 5 times. it was on Saturday where I checked fedex tracking, saw the message about it not being handed off to USPS, with the delivery that day… and it did show up.
I guess Wyze doesnt car how many complains they get, some things just roll off them, and their shipping method is one of those thing that just rolls off them…

Oh, i got the RC car by the way… set up was terrible… English translated to Chinese, and then back from Chinese to English… this is the set up in the app im talking about… the wording was terrible, so it was an easy spot to see it had been translated… i got it working, but honestly, i was excited, less so now… I thought it was P2P wifi, as it is an access point, i connected my phones wifi to it, and thats that… seems more like its running on my homes wifi, which hasnt been great, as he screen is so horribly pixilated anyway, wrong place for that post, but a quick mention.

Id even pay a bit more for shipping if it staying with either FedEx or UPS, and even though ive had issues with UPS losing important stuff (stuff id sent and stuff i was to receive), id go with them doing the entire delivery. $9.95 and took a month… thats insane…

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I know, I know, I am so sad for how they treated your package. I always wait and order 6+ items at a time, because of how long it takes to deliver. My purchases are always $70+ before shipping. AND still takes a month each time. I was one of the few that got the Wyze car on the first day. That’s the only time I bought 1 item in a shipment. As I recall, it was $19.xx to ship and took 5 weeks before I saw it. (Never even opened the box, nor since, because so many people disappointed.)

And Wyze simply does not seem to care about sucky shipping service. Goes in one ear and out.

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@Sam_Bam Do you have an Amazon account? the reason i ask, is that you may spend $10 more for what you want, but most the time you get your item in 2 days… not a bad trade off, and i know thats what im going to do for any (big if) new purchases from Wyze. Thats why Bezos is making all the money, he put everything into making sure he could rely on the shipping… not much about the product, but getting it into the hands of the consumer… something Wyze doesnt seem to understand.

the Wyze car is a bit disappointing, the turn radius is pathetic, the sales page is fiction (picture of the interface isnt accurate) and the car’s motors are loud. But, its kind of cool that its connected to your home wifi, which means you can drive the car around when you are not home, and freak out any pets! LOL… of course leaving it on all day means you will be charging it every night… but still… plus you can put it in travel mode, so then you can take it with you anywhere… but thats about it…
Best, DeVoiD

@DeVoiDaNgEl, Best to you too. Yes, I have heard of Amazon. But its usually months each time, a newly released item from/on Wyze is available on Amazon. So one weighs the pro’s and con’s. Order from Wyze on day/week its announced and wait 4-5 weeks for delivery. Or wait two-three months for it to show up on Amazon and wait 3 days for delivery.

I even tried to cheat the Universe, by ordering some extra, having shipping directed to family member across country. Let them open, and take some stuff, and reship to me. Was not in the stars. FedEx lost it for 2 weeks. Then delivered the box crushed, though no harm to items.

My shipping luck with Wyze, I could have it handed off to SpaceX, send it via Dragon Crew to ISS, sit there and returned to earth and delivered faster than FedEx Smartpost.

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@Sam_Bam I said have an account, not heard of amazon… LOL.

and LOL on sending it into space for delivery.

true about the wait times. I find it really odd that they dont change their shipping, especially if they read the forum’s… they are hundreds and hundreds of posts about how terrible their shipping is… you have to be really hard headed to ignore that… and i didnt think this company was…

My 2 items that I paid over $13 for shipping on Smartpost took 5 days to go the first part, a 30 hour drive. Delivery at first said May 11 (6 days total) but as of today they are 13 hours away. Then they will need to hand off to USPS which in my area takes 3 days in itself. So if I am lucky maybe I will get my items by the 17th.

So I ordered on May 1, paid $13.19 for shipping and I will get my items 16 days after ordering. Now I don’t expect 2 day shipping like another co, but come on, over 2 weeks is really not acceptable.

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you might get lucky… keep checking the fedex tracking… before delivery that page suddenly said they would NOT be handing it off to USPS and they fedex showed up that day with my package… just sayin’