Feature Request: Overlay Detected Motion Events on Playback Timeline




It would save me time reviewing recorded footage if I saw when motion occurred on the timeline so that I can focus in on those moments.

Maybe a star or a dot under the position in the scale to signify the occurrence of such events.



You can set the camera so it records to the card only when there’s motion. Those areas will be indicated by the green shading on the timeline. You can zoom in on the timeline by using a pinch-out gesture.

  1. This may be true but not what the request ask for. I would love to see what the original request ask for. I would love to do continual recording but jump to motion events in an easy fashion.


I would like to have this feature as well. On my zmodo camera, the playback is highlighted in yellow when there is motion detected. I think there should be a firmware or software update that would be able to add this feature. Have the regular playback on SD card in blue but when there is motion detected in the playback, then it should be highlighted in a different color.