Feature request: Multiple zone detections

First off thanks for adding zone detection. Would you be able to enhance that feature by adding multiple zones. For example, in a living room, I would like to focus on movements at the front door and windows only during a certain time to detect intrusions. If I draw a rectangle covering the front door and windows I will also be covering other areas that can get triggered by a pet.


The new Wyze Cam Pan has ‘Pan Scan’ and will automatically go up to 4 zones.

I second this request! I have a cam looking at my front yard and I have a detection zone on the bottom third so people and traffic on the street doesn’t constantly trigger it, BUT I have a motorcycle in the middle of the frame, and every time the wind blows the cover it triggers detection. It would be super useful to be able to select the areas on the left and right of the bike so it ignored the area in between.


PS, amazing camera, ridiculously amazing price. I had $200-$300 Sharx cameras before and these little guys are better in every way. Looking forward to an exterior version. Thanks!

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I would also love multiple detection zones! Just got my 1st Wyze Cam. It covers my entire living room fine. No need for a pan camera. The problem is, my gas fireplace is in the middle of the view and triggers motion detection when it lights or goes out. I can set a zone on one side or the other but this leaves one of 2 entrances not covered. It would be great to be able to set a zone on each side of the fireplace!

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how can we make this request on the road map?

It’s already on the #roadmap. Please see the link in Loki’s comment above yours.

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