Feature Request - Multiple Users Permissions



In L3 if there is no audio they should not be able to speak. It’s one of the more intrusive functions and should be limited for sure.
Maybe a level needs added between L2 and L3.
Or let L1 toggle audio and speak permissions for lesser levels on the fly. Sometime we want to share the audio and let the person speak, but other times we want the same person to only be able to view/capture/record.


This thread is getting long. I do not know if this has been brought up so I apologize if it has.

I decided to share my front (1 of 3) cameras with a trusted other to see what they could see/do to MY CAMERA settings before I tried sharing with others who would be interested in your cameras… I have lots of interested friends who constantly ask me what brand camera it is, etc.
I was SHOCKED to see that PUSH NOTIFICATIONS were being turned off on MY CELL PHONE. I thought something was wrong or that I was loosing my marbles or something.
Turns out my friend was turning off PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ON THEIR PHONE - and it was turning off MY PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TOO. That is NOT GOOD.
If they don’t want them going off on THEIR PHONE I understand that. But I DO - it’s MY HOUSE it’s protecting and I want them all the time.
Is that correct - that’s the way the app is set to be - the 2ndary user who does not even own the camera can turn off MY (the owner) PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ?


Anybody got an answer to that ? (Bump)


No there isn’t. The secondary user would have to leave the camera’s notifications on, but disable notifications for the Wyze app on their phone. But if they have their own cameras that they want notifications for, that would be a problem. Thus the need for this feature request.


This all sounds great. Being a developer myself I know how hard to implement a more complicated approach with multiple levels. I would suggest make the design so it can grow to multiple levels in the future. What we really need is to share the most basic things with our spouse so that they can log in themselves. Then add in the all the bells and whistles later.


Please add an option when sharing camera feeds with other users for “viewing sd card playback”. My parents share their camera feed with me, but I am only able to view playback in the cloud. I have no way to access the footage on the sd card. This, in my opinion, defeats the purpose of sharing.


Many of these issues would be resolved by persisting read/write application configuration to a local device plist or sqlite db file for read/write config and then fall back to cloud based setting in the absence of it.

That would enable every user to set phone/tablet specific settings ( camera names , camera order, notifications etc) that are filtered on the PUSH event locally on the device OR the master cloud based config takes precedence in the absence of local config.