Feature request: Mouse motion detection.



I know this is a tricky feature, but I think it could be possible.


Can you make a mode to detect the presence of mice and rats? they are small and fast which could be unique enough to parse out.


Alternatively if I could have more control over the motion sensing field, I could set it for where I know people won’t be & crank up the sensitivity.

Thanks for reading.


I’d like to detect mice and rats too.

And the motion zone needs to be customizable than just a square/rectangle. Ring Cams have 8 point motion zone points (that is 3 points on each side), that is almost enough, I would prefer 16 (that 4 on each side).


I used mine the way it is to catch a mouse. Found out after i saw the footage it was a hamster :slight_smile: I blocked the hole using a cd case before i found out what it was.



wow encino that was much more drama than I expected. Poor guy, I assume he took the bait.


I have the camera set up in my basement right now in night mode with motion set to full screen & full sensitivity.


I tried dragging a can on a string but that didn’t seem to register motion. The string did which was odd, although it was better illuminated.


Does anyone know if the sensitivity is great enough to capture a rat? I don’t even know if I have one right now.


Bait was not taken thank god. I rushed home as soon as i could! It took me about 15 minutes to coax him out with some apples :slight_smile: I only had my sens set to 40% and i had it 5 or so inches off the floor so nothing could be chewed on.