Feature request: MIRROR Image



I use one of my Wyzecams as a rearview backup cam on my RV, I would love to have a mirror image option to flip it like, well a mirror.

Thanks Wyzeguys!!


I’ve added this to Wyze’s feature request tracker. But honestly, given the small number of users who would need this and the large number of other requests, I don’t give it much chance. Just being real.


That would be nice, especially if it was easy to implement. It’s possible the video processor already has the capability.

My question is how are you able to connect to your camera without an internet connection?



I have a mobile wifi router in the vehicle with internet connection. Some wifi cams (not wyzecam tho} have an “AP” access point mode where you can connect an iphone or whatever directly to the cam feed. Maybe Wyze could switch on that feature along with mirror image, it would probably help reduce the lag, which makes using the Wyzecam as a rear view monitor kinda awkward having the image a second or two behind and skippy.