[Feature Request] Make firmware updates less painful


Firmware updates are painful:
I can’t touch my phone while in progress. I have to do one cam at a time. If WiFi to my phone cuts out or the screen goes off I have a heart attack. This genuinely diminishes product usability, and makes me reluctant to demo your product to friends because maybe they’ll see a less than perfect experience.

The “Update Firmware” dialog box is silly. The only reason i would say “no” to it is if I needed to use my cam immediately. And the only time that dialog box pops up is when I was going to try to do something with my cam right now. (Doh, Worst possible timing!)

So why punish users with that disruption?

Also note: This also affects your best customers the most. Those with dozens of cams spend minutes scrolling through these. Your last Firmware release took over an hour of time away from my family, and my business, and I literally lost sleep over it. I’m still thankful for the updates. But it’s time to address making updates easier.

My suggestions:
Update Firmware automatically, by default.
If you want, give users a per camera setting for users to disable automatic updates or schedule them for a certain time of day, per camera.
Give users a button to update all their cameras firmware at once.
Change the way updates work so they don’t require the user stare at a progress bar on their phone while updating. (BIG). Start button, and view progress button for example.

Feature Request - Firmware Automatic Updates

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