Feature Request: limiting rotation



Is there (or will there be) a way to limit the rotation of the Pan to prevent overtracking?

my issue is I’ve somewhat hidden the camera in a bookcase. It works well overall but sometimes it has a tendency to overshoot what it is tracking and then turn facing the back of the bookcase.

Would it be possible to limit the rotational travel through an app setting? I’m guessing something similar to setting waypoints but as a way to constrain rotation.


And also tilt limit.


Adding to this, I have it on my game shelf and I get lots of reflections off of glossy boxes grabbing attention. Being able to limit its rotation would be helpful so it doesn’t end up staring at the back of the shelf.


I would like this as well. Mine seems to be pretty dumb and will face a wall when there is movement happening all around it.


Yep, mine does it also. Needs a travel limit feature.


I was just trying to see if I could do this last night. I have two pan cams and they were both facing the walls and I could not check to see how long my dog walker had my pup out for. Its very frustrating when they look at the wall when there is plenty of motion around them. It would be a huge feature upgrade for my use!