Feature Request - Instruction Sheet

I’ve actually sent this request to many companies via social media as well. The population is aging. PLEASE consider instruction sheets with larger print. I know it’s minor but to try and determine which blinking color of light means was rather difficult for my own aging eyes. And to my point, check out my bi-weekly video call with my cousin in his late 70’s, my dad in mid-80’s and my aunt in her mid-90’s. We’re getting old, but we still use tech. :slight_smile:


@leebruner, I am in the same boat! Just hit the mid-60s last week. The print is too small and way too light. I would be happy if they even just made a PDF version of the instructions available on the Wyze Support site.
Right now, I either have to get my magnifying glass and go under a bright light or take a picture of the sheet with my phone. But, that makes it hard to install the product AND read the instructions at the same time. :upside_down_face:
@WyzeGwendolyn, can you help us old farts out and send this over to the team?

I was, “Hey Google, set the desk lamp to fifty percent.”


Hey Google, set the desk lamp to sixty five percent.


Hey Google, set the living room lights to seventy five percent.

Shit, I need a magnifying glass.


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Certified “Ol’ Fart” and “Grumpy Old Man” here and I, also, ask again, Wyze please (I’m pleading with you) get rid of the light text and make it clear on the packaging and instruction sheet where to download PDF instructions.

It doesn’t help though that it cannot be guaranteed that Wyze will even see this topic, even snowballs have a chance.

So Wyze, black text, and clear links, please.

My 64 year old eyes agree. Most everything comes with small print instructions. I scan the instructions and zoom in.
Another method I use is to take photo of the documentation and zoom in

What would be GREAT is a full size copy on the web site.

Sounds like we need nice QR code (for the instructions, not to setup devices) linking to a PDF

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The quick start guide pretty much only covers the setup process and how to contact support as well as an FCC components. You can find instruction manuals on our support site. For example, here’s a handy link for Wyze Cam Outdoor. :slight_smile: