Feature request: Google cast support



Please consider adding support for Google cast, I would really like to use one of my Wyze Cams as a baby monitor and cast the live feed to my one of my tv’s.


Definitely on the wish list of requests that we’re getting! (though we might be integrating Alexa first).


I’m assuming ALEXA and GOOGLEhome is bundled correct?


Either way I’m good, I have Amazon Fire TV boxes as well as Chromecasts connected to my TV’s. I just need a way to get the live feed to the tv without a huge delay in the stream. Thanks for the reply!!


For iPhone and iPad owners, support for Apple AirPlay would also be nice, in addition to Chromecast support of course. I own a 2nd Gen. Chromecast and an Apple TV 4K, so would utilize both features with my 3 Wyze cams if implemented.


unfortunately not!


adding that to the wish list!


that would be great!


I found a work around until proper chrome cast support is added. In the google home app click side menu -> cast screen / audio and then open up the wyze app and fullscreen the video stream.

It’s not ideal but I also use my wyze cam as a monitor for the playroom and it lets me keep an eye on the kids while I’m in my office.


Now Google Home Hub is out, do you plan any support for that? It would be awesome.


(Google Home Hub is a Google Home with a screen, like Amazon Echo Show).