Feature Request: Custom Notification Sounds



Can you please change the notification sound? I have an iPhone and Wyzecam’s notifications sound like text messages. I would like to distinguish my alerts between Wyzecam and regular text messages.

Thank you.


I’ve added your request for a different notification sound for Wyze alert notifications to Wyze’s feature request tracker.


I would like this to happen also. I thought there would be a way to assign different sounds for different alerts on my Galaxy phone but cannot find a way to do this. Unless sensitivity is set pretty low I get too many alerts.


I have an S7 Edge and I can change the sound by going into the settings and then Notifications/Wyze/WyzeNormal/Sound


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Unless you have a really old Galaxy phone, you should be able to change the sound under Settings > Notifications > Wyze > WyzeNormal > Sound (as Randy mentioned below). That was one of the first things I changed after I installed the Wyze app on my Galaxy Note 8.

Here’s a screenshot…



Thanks for the reply. I have a Galaxy J7 Sky Pro. I dont have the WyzeNormal option. Mine ends at Wyze. I was able to change my messenger and voicemail sounds though so that should help.



I have the latest version of the Wyze Android app (v1.5.44) and version of the Wize Cam Pan firmware. I am using a “Samsung Galaxy Note 4” phone with “Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow)” and there is currently no way to change the Notification (alert) Sound for alerts generated by the Wyze app. The notifications from the Wyze app use the default system notification sound, so the notification sounds just like any other general notification.

Please add a way to change the notification sound in the app, so I can change the notification sound to a more “urgent” sound. This is very important.

Thank you!!