Feature Request: Automatically restart the cam if it can't connect to wyze



I have the v1 cameras, and while I noticed their connectivity is much improved, there are still times when I can’t connect to the camera, and the app asks me to cycle to camera. That’s hard to do when I’m away from the house, or it requires me to install a smart plug which racks up the cost of these cameras. Right now, I have a mechanical timer that cuts the power to my camera that has its power supply in our attic once a night, but that requires more power, plus it kills my feed for 30 minutes each night, but it’s a lot better than having to drive home out of state to cycle the power on these.

So I ask that you add a feature that automatically cycles the camera after x minutes when it cannot connect to wyze servers, and to repeatably reboot the camera x times. The variable can be at your discretion, or user selectable (preferred).

This is one of the reasons why I haven’t bothered to buy more cameras, because of the connectivity issue that require a manual restart (as well as not being able to record to a 3rd party device so I can play all the cameras on one screen without the app). The connection problem plus the other is the main reason why I haven’t covered my house with wyze cams.