Feature request: alert for camera disconnection



Hi there!

One feature I really miss from previous security camera is the notification for camera disconnected.

It would be really great if you can add this feature. It’s really simple but could provide warning to the owners about power outage or camera being disconnected by someone.

Also because if motion detection is triggered but someone have chances to disconnect it before 15 seconds you’ll miss any notification!




That sounds like a feature that might be useful! Will pass this on to the team. Thanks!


Hi there!


Any news on the Estimated Time for this feature?






Hi alezzandro! Not yet, but have already notified the team about this.


I do check my cameras at least once a week to make sure they are still working. So far, these seem very reliable. However, I still anticipate them to “throw an error”, “flip a bit”, or, need to be “bounced”, once in awhile.

It appears this could be addressed in some sorta “try catch throw finally” statement.


Any updates or estimated time frame of this happening? I would really love this feature for days like today when they are working on the power since I use my camera to keep an eye on my saltwater tank.


Me too