Feature request: Ability to limit frequency of push notifications by type.



A useful feature from another camera system I used was the ability to limit the frequency of the Push notifications. I.e. it would record the video clips all the time, but it would only send a new notification if there hadn’t been another notification for the previous, say 3 hours. The time was configurable, so I could choose to have it be more or less frequent depending on my preferences, or even send all alerts.

Since Wyze has multiple different types of alerts, my ideal setup would be to configure that independently for each type of alert. If I could configure it, I’d have it alert on all smoke alarm/CO alarm notifications, every 1 hour for noise, and every 3 hours for movement"


I would also like something like this. I want my camera to record to the local SD card. I would like it to do it only when there is motion or an event.

I don’t want a push alert for each motion event but I do want one for alarm detection.

Since the camera doesn’t seem to record only motion unless I have push alerts for it on I have to turn on the continuous recording which eats at the life of my SD card.

So I want to record only on motion to the SD card without push a notification about it.

That doesn’t seem possible right now unless I am missing something.