Feature enhancement: Selecting motion tagging area

I really like the ability to select the area for motion tagging. But, let’s face it, most of us don’t have a rectangle that we’d like to monitor. It’s an odd shape. So, by using a rectangle we either have to include an area that will cause unneeded alerts or eliminate an area that should be monitored.

Would it be possible to have multiple rectangles? Or at least let us draw the border freehand?

This would take the motion detection to the next level and one that we could all benefit from.

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Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure the Devs see this!

I would like to set up motion tagging areas but my camera doesn’t seem to have that ability. I follow the instructions but there is no section that I can find. I have a first generation camera and all firmware is up to date.

Please confirm you are also running app version 1.3+. This feature should be open on V1 as well (just checked myself on my personal unit!)

Please let me know if it does not show up, as well as a screenshot of the settings page. Thanks! is my version. I’ve tried updating and I am told I’m up to date. Nothing shows up as per the directions in the email.

That would be the firmware of the camera, you can find your app version in the ‘My Account’.

Awesome. How do you set this up? I can not find it anywhere in settings.


This sounds like it is being voted on in the roadmap section here. Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

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