Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

Was fast forwarding and rewind in any of the specs?

Yes this system is extremely difficult to use to find events. If you have to watch is real time it is too time consuming. 4x and 8x would be great. Im considering using a different system because of this.

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The playback is unusable without the fast forward button. Constantly having to press and drag where the action happened is bad enough. Now we have to sit through an entire hour of live time to get to it? THE PLAYBACK OPTION IS UNUSABLE WITHOUT A FAST FOWARD OPTION. It’s unrealistic to expect a person to know the EXACT time something happened and get there perfectly. It’s an enormous waste of time to watch an entire, slow segment of the playback when there should be a fast forward button. I don’t think it’d be a hard thing to implement either. It’ll take a completely useless feature to extremely useful. PLEASE DO SOMETHING WYZE.

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Whats the status of this request? Over 600 have complained about this same issue with the video playback and your Wyze reps have responded since Nov 2018 saying that this was being reviewed and it’a June 2019 now. This should have been included from the beginning which is why we’re all going to have to give this lower rating due to the inconvenience

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It’s something that we have been looking into but the implementation is challenging partially due to how files are managed on Wyze Cams. We’re sorry, we don’t have an update. But it’s still something we’re aiming to add once we figure out a good way to do it.

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@WyzeGwendolyn its because of the 1 minute increment recording isn’t it? I could see how that would be difficult to navigate.

the flagging of events is in researching phase currently I believe. I think this would solve many issues along with implementation of the person detection and vehicle detection. so although fast forward and rewind might not be in the cards currently there are many other things that Wyze is working on that will streamline the process of finding events and other things for people.


I don’t know what all is involved but I know that’s part of the difficulty.

I just recently had the privilege of attempting to find one small point of video in a rather long timeframe of continuous recording. The ability to set a speed might have helped narrow it down. I am impressed with the scrolling ability my Nest Hello doorbell has. You can scroll through the footage smooth as if it’s a time lapse video. I’m not sure the technical aspect involved in replicating this but seems it would be value added.


I am desperately interested in solving this problem, but you don’t even need this feature to do so. There is no need to re-invent the wheel. :slightly_smiling_face:

If we the could quickly ( faster than the current real time recording ) download and save large chunks of continuous footage from the SD card, there are numerous iOS/Android device apps and PC programs that allow quick scrubbing through video files. Even better, many of these app/programs like VLC are freeware.

Downloading and saving the footage could be by FTP or similar, or even by running the current Android app in BlueStacks on a PC. The problem now is that saving 4 hours of video to search through takes, well… 4 hours. :disappointed: And with a spotty WiFi connection, there are often issues with recording ‘live’ video streams. :disappointed: So export the files instead of recording the stream.

I have cams at different far apart sites connected to the internet by hotspots. Manual searching of hours of video is sometimes necessary due to the event trigger limitations common to most security camera systems. ( time between recorded events, small distant events on cameras looking outside, poor mapping of detection areas, etc )

Traveling to each site to remove the SD cards to copy a few hours of video is just not practical.

And the internet connections are ‘moody’, so I don’t think remote hi-speed scrubbing directly from the SD card will ever be smooth, practical, or easy for you guys to program.

But hi-speed dumping of big video chunks sounds like it would be simple to program and should work well even in adverse conditions. Exporting the video data, not recording a live stream. Then we users can do the hi-speed fast forward/rewind playback in whatever app/program we prefer to work with.

I know I am comparing WYZE to the features offered by the much more expensive Cox Business Security surveillance but you guys are so close in the critical features that it would be nice to give you the money instead of Cox. :slightly_smiling_face:

@sodcam You’ll probably want to hop over and vote for this one: Direct access to SD card with download ability

I think at the end - we all want to fast find the REAL scenes. For me it would be a good idea to have some sort of magnetic function in playback area. If this is good it would be easy to find and work in the relevant areas.,

Would love to see markers for events that occur during continuous record, that you can touch and jump to that spot in the video.

I spent a large amount of painstaking time scrolling through a video to show police an incident that occurred. All in all though, I’m glad I had the footage!

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Jul 12, [2:24 PM](calendar:T1:2:24 PM) PDT

Is there a way for Wyze Cam to skip forward or backwards 10 or 15 seconds when viewing video playback? Rather than dragging and waiting for it to adjust (hoping its correct). My Nest camera has this feature and it is pretty useful.


not currently,

its only a guess but I think one of the impediments to this is how the video is recorded. ( one minute increments) jumping between points would not be hard if they are in the same increment, but in between increments MIGHT be harder to do seamlessly. i’m not sure how ring and other recorders do it, and if someone does, please enlighten me.

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User selectable increments would be great (ie 2x, 5x, 10x). It would also be awesome to have a “jump to next event” button in playback.

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There’s a separate topic for that which you can vote for: Shortcut on the alerts/events playback for live view and recorded playback

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I too am Looking for a “Fast Playback” Feature
So when reviewing a recorded session you can compress time by playing back at 2x, 4x, 6x 10x speed (or skip frames etc).
This would be Extremely useful in finding sections quickly (even if (or especially if) no event is triggered). As well as generally reviewing a days worth of footage in a short amount of time

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I just purchased a couple of Wyze cams a few days ago. Upon setting them up, I was really happy with my decision to buy them and was impressed with the value.
Today, I had my cams set to continuous recording for a 4hr event at my house. There was a specific moment in that 4hr window that I needed to see. That’s when I learned you couldn’t increase playback speed or identify / navigate to moments that captured motion. It made searching the recording a super frustrating experience, as you all have adequately described above.
From the looks of this thread, there doesn’t really seem to be any urgency to get this addressed. So, sadly I’m thinking this might be a deal breaker for me and will probably return them. It’s too bad because despite this one glaring issue, I really liked them.

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With motion detection to the cloud on you can note the time of the motion then navigate to the time in a continuous record. Not a great solution but many of us make it work.

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