Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

I would LOVE to see playback speed options.
Even more would be just a skip forward and skip back button. In a number of audio apps I have I have seen this and then in the settings you can define how many seconds forward and back the buttons will go. I usually have like 30 sec forward but 10 sec back…

Those two might be the easier options but improved scrubbing controls would be almost as good.

skipping 10 sec is not ideal. a lot can happen in 10 sec, a car zips by in 4 sec or less, then you’ll miss the car or maybe two cars already. i think the scrubbing feature is better where you use your finger to scroll thru the video and it updates as you scroll.

Also, a 4x 8x and 16x, with maybe a rewind of 4x 8x would be good. I view my dash cam at 8x and it’s very doable. I like to have this feature pretty soon. It is very hard to watch every second when you want to know who stole your mail/package or when did postman dropped off your package.


I honestly am not too excited about this feature. Every expensive video software has this “feature” but is highly prone to skipping over the few frames you are really looking for.

Far more useful is having a graph on the Playback timeline of volume of motion/sound at each point of the movie. Skip straight to where the action is.


I wish Wyze will have a video player for PC that I can play the videos on the SD card with two features (1) I can forward 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, … (2) automatically forward the video until there is motion in the video.

Awesome. I have been looking for thjs function in playback. I have my camera on all the time. The flag triggers the camera and we receive alot notitications. I cannot just sit there and watch the playback. Wish they have this function asap

This is one of my top 3 highest priority features. We use a Wyze cam to watch our dogs at home, and it would make it so much easier to find exactly when one of them made a mess to determine who it was. (Or just to quickly see what they’ve been up to during the day).

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This is exactly what I was thinking when I used playback function for first time. Maybe, the option to see a graph when sound or motion (in a range selection available) is detected could be the best solution for this. Even something what you could try to make, is a log with all motions and sounds detections in a .txt, that could be very helpful.

Or even the ability to download footage to an iPhone and use the iPhones scrubbing feature.

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This is my #1 request from Wyze. Scrolling thru a video to see the other 20 seconds of a motion detection event is tedious as is. 2x, 4x, 10x speed increases would help a ton.

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This is a widely requested item for playback. If you have not done so vote for this feature here:

What’s the status of this enhancement in your backlog?

I just started using Wyze, and finally “have footage” of finding out which cat is peeing around the house. However, it is extremely cumbersome and time consuming to review the footage. If I have to go through this each time there’s an incident, I’m definitely going with a different brand.

Please prioritize adding option to speed up playback going forward/backward.


Don’t hold your breath, it’s marked as possibly one of these days. It’s truly amazing that I was able to do this with my VCR in the 80s but I can’t and it’s 2019 in the digital age

I’ve been using my Wyze Cams for about 6 months and absolutely love them.

However, on playback it is too time consuming, inefficient, and cumbersome to sort through a day or two of footage to find a specific incident (something happening inside the 5 minute motion detection event-recording re-trigger time). The pinch-to-zoom feature doesn’t really help either, only allows you to slowly scroll minute-by-minute and not viable for 8+ hours of footage to sift through.

With that said, playback needs to include real-time high speed scrubbing where you can quickly scroll through the footage captured to the micro SD card. If Dropcam can implement high speed scrubbing cloud-stored video, hopefully it can be implemented on playback from local storage on a micro SD card.

Keep up the great work!

Good idea, would be a huge time saver in locating useful clips without spending who knows how long scrubbing frame by frame

Please add my vote for bringing this to the top of the list for improvements! Reviewing playback is pure torture.

As a check, did you press the Vote button at the top of the page? That will add your vote. :slight_smile:

Yes, I voted


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New owner of 5 wyze cams and love them, this was 1 of the downfalls I saw.

Fantastic to see the great support here.

I just purchased a bunch of Wyze cams thinking they were awesome. Now I come to find that playback fast forwarding and rewind is not an option. As I read through the forum the suggestion of adding started over 7 months ago. I mean let’s face it like it was stated an 80s VCR could fast forward. Instead of possibly promising the addition actually implement it and something faster than just 10x. I honestly want to watch footage at home without wasting my whole day looking at normal speed or 10x. 32x would be great at the highest with slower speeds as an option as well. And yes I voted…let’s hope this addition to the app doesn’t sit on the back burner.

Was fast forwarding and rewind part of the reason you bought the cams?