Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

Finally you got it done I just got a Firmware patch sent to my emal to test fast forward and rewind and it works fine

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Make the playback from Camera SD card feature have a playback speed feature.

Such as playback at 2, 3, 4 times the normal speed, This would make much easier to find events in the past. It is very hard to find an event in the playback feature on a phone.

Yes, I agree. This is exactly what I would like to see added as a new feature.

Needs to scrub and id points in time.

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I believe that that feature is already in beta

Could we get a way to goto specific time or range on playback.

Also time range of alerts.
Use case: lots of motion triggers yesterday bu I want to see what happened between 1pm and 2pm on all “front cameras”.

+1 vote for variable speed scrubbing. Just like my Nest cams.

Today I use my Nest cam covering part of my backyard to quickly scrub the previous night continuous recording. Once I find something of interest only then can I search on my Wyze v3. Otherwise i don’t have the time to review the Wyze footage at 1x speed.

I het that the file system needs to be redesigned. There are instances of file systems and/or formats changing. People will update, adapt, and we will look back as this like the many other format changes in technology over the years.

I’m in the market for an outdoor cam now and it would be a no brainer but for this issue. I’m currently leaning towards the much more expensive Nest…

If this one issue could get fixed, I’d switch all my cameras to Wyze.

How’s it working?

Works great has 2x 4x 6xForward and rewind